Thursday, September 28, 2006

Whoopsie! Blogger was quite buggy last night so some of my photos are duplicates. I didn't think any of them would actually show up! Hence, I wrote this last night and did not post it...

Flashback sequence to ten hours ago!

Well, the next step of my life is starting to come together. Post-Disney life is looking pretty good… My plans include being on holiday. Ha!

Seriously, it’ll be nice though. I was starting to feel a little burnt-out at work but I had a nice lazy day today and am feeling better. Too bad I have only two days of run-your-ass-off service left. Sigh.

So the parents shall make arrival no. 3839489903 in Orlando next Wednesday. I will work my last shift as a Walt Disney World castmember. I will probably freak out and shit on the promenade and watch Illuminations while bawling my eyes out. Should be grand. My lovely parents will stay until the following Wednesday. That very same day, within hours, Charlene will arrive to the mighty MCO and we shall spend three glorious days together before we, along with Derek, embark on a CRUUUUIIIIISSSSEEEEE!!! FYI, cruises are addicting. Support groups don’t exist. We make it back to Orlando on the 19th and then I head up to Toronto, then to Ottawa, then to, gulp…. Charlottetown. Oh, my, God. Talk about blank slate. If you’re looking for me in November I will be sitting in my livingroom watching family videos of trips to Florida. Then I will be rewinding them, and watching them again. This is going to be soooo hard. I may be in hiding for a few weeks.

Life is dandy here! On my two days off last week Katelyn and I did a spur-of-the-moment trip to Savannah, Georgia. Late Monday night, i.e., 3.00am, we decided we needed to go somewhere on our days off, starting mere hours after. After determining Texas wasn’t going to work for anything less than a small fortune, we settled on five hours of sleep before a nice drive up to the south. (Florida isn’t really considered a southern state…) And that is all because my hand hurts from typing today. Today was a heavy internet day between booking cruises, looking for flights, and getting excited about cruising. Yes!

And despite my “OH MY GOD HOME SCARY NOOOOO!!!!” I am QUITE excited to see everyone! And to previously-mentioned parents, I’m quite looking forward to your visit =)

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Anonymous said...

We're cruising!

I'm ready to book another one before we even go!! Hmmmm...maybe for February?