Friday, May 26, 2006

Voy a Puerto Rico en tres horas!!!

I am excited! As expected, I didn't go to bed yet. My roommate is asleep, and my sunglasses are deep in my room somewhere... or perhaps in my locker at work. (Although I can't imagine why... I recall seeing both pairs of my sunglasses in our apartment only yesterday. Curious.)

I also need to find a lock. A very tiny lock for locking my luggage. Speaking of luggage, I have no idea what random clothes I threw in my suitcase. Some of the clothes that should be in it are in the dryer.

My major dilema of packing is what to wear on the plane. Planes are bloody freezing sometimes... but I really can't be bothered wasting space with PANTS. Tonight I thought about the last time I wore pants that were not part of my uniform of PJs. I have no idea when. (And capris don't count as pants.)

Actually, scratch that. I wore pants to a course I took at Disney University last week. But that's because we had to wear nice clothes and I couldn't wear a skirt as I managed to destroy my pantyhose the day of my first voyage to Disney University.

I went to Bush Gardens with Erin last week and had lots of fun! I heart zoos. Although Bush Gardnes is perhaps half-zoo. I didn't really go on any rides (they don't agree with Erin's stomach) but we had a lovely time looking at the animals and drinking beer! Well, I enjoyed the beer, Erin did not. You see, Bush Gardens (Sea World as well) is owned by Anheiser Busch of infamous beer fame. So they have free beer at the parks. And yes, you are right to conjure images of Duffland or whatever it was from the Simpsons.

Puerto Rico!!!

I have new pics on my msn space.

The end.

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