Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tonight I was reading someones MSN space (Big Steve's, for the record!) and realised how much I miss people and how much I love reading everyones blogs. Then I thought about how little I update and thought, "Hey, maybe people like reading my blog." So, just in case my suspicions ae correct, I am going to make an effort to update this a bit more.

Thank you to everyone that sent me birthday wishes!!! I really appreciate it!!!

My birthday was GREAT! I was a bit bummed the day before as this is the first time I have been away from PEI on my birthday.

December 8th started off with a phone call from Aunt Adele, then me running down to an office to fetch a package from home. A couple of phone calls later from the parents and me taring into my package I ran off to catch the bus with my roommate (however we aren't late everyday is beyond me) and met a few friends to go to the Beach Club Resort for the infamous character breakfast I have been telling EVERYONE about for the past two weeks. The wait, my friends, was worth it and i will be posting pictures soon! The food was good, (not amazing, but still very good,) and I had such a nice time with my Florida buddies. It made me happy as although they don't replace my friends and family at home, they've become quite important to me and I'm lucky to have friends from so many places! :)

Oh yes, I got a free wee cake at the restaurant delivered to me by Goofy. So yes, a normal, run-of-the-mill, birthday breakfast ;)

End gushiness.

After breakfast I didn't do too much and had to work at 4:00. I had gotten two birthday pins, one with my cake at the Beach Club and one from a castmember at the back entrance to Epcot, and my managers said I could wear my Epcot one while working! I was happy. Two guests even sang me a birthday song! When little kids came in I would always point out to them that we have the same birthday. I would also make a point of asking everyone if they were turning 23 as well... Kids laughed... as did the older folk I asked! It was a good night. I got home and mostly packed and went to bed at about 3:00. At 4:50 my alarm blared and it was time to leave for New York City! So it was a rather sleepless night, as was the night before. (The night before I was paranoid I was going to sleep in and miss my breakfast.)

New York was FABULOUS! However, we did get off to a rough start. The cab I had arranged did not show up. We almost missed our flight. (We are talking mere MOMENTS.) But all was fine once we hit New Jersey and submerged ourselves into the Lincoln Tunnel and found ourselves in New York City.

End post. I am quite tired.

But I feel the need to do shout-outs!

Birthday bash attendance list (starting with me and going anticlockwise [because I still like to use british terminology]):
Erynn S.
Erin B.

New York Comrades:
Jen (again?! What are the odds?)
Sonia (Vive la France!)
Manuel (Vive la Fance encore!)
Meg (konechewa! Goooooo Japan!)

Time for bed.


Anonymous said...

Well, I know some people that read your blog and look forward to it.
Of course I might be biased in my opinion as you are my daughter

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog and read every word every time but you too are my beautiful daughter. Love Ma