Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You Sir, are a no-good pile of rubbish.

Starting in 2002, PEI implemented an Island-wide waste management scheme. I don't believe it has evolved much since; though I think the proper placement of a Tim Horton's cup still can conjure debate. (It seems compostable, but has a waxy exterior. SO MANY OPTIONS.) We have a large black waste bin, a large green bin for compost, and two recycling bags - one for plastic/glass/stuff, the other for paper.

High five PEI!

Except when doing mass spring cleaning and sharing one bin among five or six people. I came home from the market on Saturday afternoon to find a large dumpster in my driveway. Some people may think, "Oh darn, eye sore," but I'm pretty sure my eyes lit up like a cat gifted a large bag of catnip. The chance to binge my house of garbage? And not cause my waste bin to overflow for the next month? Brilliant. Amazing. Sexy, even. Apparently my landlord planned to clean out our garage, which basically looked like a Home Depot graveyard with a series of miscellaneous appliances, wood, and the more odd industrial oven and restaurant supplies. I binged things and it felt good. And I will 100% admit to not sorting it. Guilty pleasure. I honestly do 100% support recycling, sorting, etc., but this was up there with the pleasure I get from the odd Saturday or Sunday-afternoon drive. I try not to drive a lot (boo! driving! bad!) but I actually love driving on country roads with little traffic or divided highways in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia (speed limit is higher there than Ontario and Quebec). If I behave well 98% of the time, is it okay to slack 2%?

(This is when I imagine someone scolding me and saying, "I misbehaved once and now I have HERPES!")

That's all. I wrote this post eight hours ago and don't remember the direction in which it was going.

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