Monday, November 24, 2008

Les mots francaises du jour

This evening I am working on some French stuff. (I say this evening because I didn't get out of bed until 9:30 and didn't plunk myself into my desk until 10:30. However, I have been super productive today, because I spent the least productive time period of my day in bed. Listening to your inner clock is actually incredibly useful.)

English- French translations that amused me:
Fire pit = foyer
Petting farm = « Petting farm » ( ferme où l’on peut caresser les animaux ) (instead of making a french word, the French have apparently decided to be descriptive)
Turn-down service = service « bonne nuit »
Maid service = Femme de chambre (woman for/of room... prostitute?)
Cot/roll-away bed = Lit pliant/berceau (I only recognize the first word so the others blew my mind)
DVD Player/VCR = Lecteur DVD/magnétoscope (again, last word puzzles, but amazes me)
Steam room = hammam

In an unrelated note, Virgin Mobile Canada now only offers flip phones, slide phones w/ QWERTY keyboards, or blackberries. I don't like flip phones. Perhaps because I never had one. But it's just one extra step in answering the phone. An extra second to slow you down when already spent 27 seconds digging through your bag searching for your phone.

Every mobile I have ever owned has been a Nokia (four phones - one in UK, two in US (RIP phone in toilet), one in Canada). Their phones are not prominent at all anymore. Curious. Did they go out of business and I miss it somehow?

No, says the internet, they did not.

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