Sunday, January 13, 2008

she's not a smart one

So I'm trying to distract myself this evening. My first night on PEI since Mr. (Now ex on good terms) Boyfriend departed the Isle. I'm moping. But people are allowed to mope; it shows that at one point they were very happy. I think to feel one extreme emotion, one must have felt the opposite emotion on a very extreme level as well.

I'm a moron and f-ed up my taxes for 2007 already. There is something to be said about not planning ahead and the punishments that come with being a disorganized, scattered-brained lady. Anyway, won't go into detail, we don't need the gov't googling me =P

I don't think I ever finished recapping my NYC adventure. On New Year's Day, Keri and I went to play in Central Park. Loved it! I actually think it was one of the highlights of the trip, just being able to be outside in the grass, trees all around, not overly crowded, and, YES!, going to the zoo!! The Central Park Zoo. I feel like I have somehow filled a secret, unknown-until-now, childhood dream. I know I shouldn't love zoos, captive animals and all, but I do! At least "nice" ones. I don't think I would enjoy seeing a donkey in a cage that was far too small. We saw sea lions, penguins, lots of unique birds (in the "rainforest"), polar bears (maaaaaassive), goats, monkeys, pacas, and more. I loved it all! Then we wandered a bit and giggled at Park Avenue, because neither of us, uh, really belonged there ;) I found the Flat Iron Building, which made me immensely happy. Something about it, I adore it. It was a challenge to get a decent photo of it though. I pretty much ran circles through the park across the street and the surroundings streets. The tall buildings were blocked the sun as it was already setting on the horizon. I don't think any of my photos really do it justice, but I think it's a wonderful building. Probably something about the unique shape and symmetry appeal to me. I love symmetry. So much that I can't even spell it properly - heh.

Eventually Keri and I split up, and I ended up wasting too much time waiting in line for the toilet at Toys R Us in Times Square. Really though, it wasn't a waste of time because I, well, really needed to use the toilet. It was actually a very worthwhile experience. And I stood in line behind a Spanish mother and her ridiculously cute children. I love eavesdropping on Spanish conversations. I think it's a beautiful language and I wish I could speak it with greater skill than I can. I'm proud of what I can do with my limited vocabulary (although it's rusty given I never use it now) but I want to be better.

All seven of us met up to eat before the long bus ride home. I had a salad at the pub we were at, and it was disgusting. So instead I ate on the bus, random bits of food that I had packed.

The bus ride home was very long - about 22 hours. We didn't really drive directly into bad weather, but were kind of behind it so it made for some rather nasty road conditions. The Bridge was closed to high-sided vehicles when we arrived, so shuttles were to take us across. Sitting at the front of the bus, we got on the first shuttle! .... and the only shuttle to take some weird route through Gateway Village and get stuck. Heh. Anyway, while we were crossing, the Bridge opened back up to all traffic, so we hopped back on the bus to return to Ch'town. The bus ride was long, but I didn't really mind it too much. We watched movies, slept some, I did random number puzzles, wrote some, played on my phone, listened to music. It's kind of nice to have some time to oneself!

New York? C'est la fin.

Sheena, Shannon and I went to Halifax this weekend. It was lovely. Halifax still isn't my favourite city, but I had a good time there. Saturday morning involved sleeping in, something I've been lacking as of late.

I need something new. Now something new to buy, but a new challenge. It was hard saying good-bye to Tom for many reasons, one being that he is leaving on an adventure and I'm not. It's supposed to be me that leaves for fun adventures, damn it! I just don't know what to do. I went on some weird Africa kick for a couple of weeks, but I was looking through the internships offered by CIDA and I don't think I qualify because I already have "international experience". However, I do believe I can argue that my international experience is a completely different level of the positions they look to fill. Luckily there are other ways to get to Africa. My only incredibly selfish issue is that I want to get paid, or at least no blow a crapload of money getting there and while there.

I'm also itching for South America or Mexico, mostly due to the Spanish language thing referenced above.

Sometimes I wonder if I like adventures or think about them a lot in an effort to distract myself from some unknown... demon? Element? Can't think of an appropriate word to use. Growing up, perhaps? Adventures are good reasons not to buy houses or nice cars. Or purchase some sort of cell phone "package". Contract of doom, if you will. My wee Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go and I have a wonderful relationship. Although it won't be used so much now as my texting partner in crime has fleed. Fled? Fleed? Fleeddededededed? Probably.

This year I am going to keep track of spending. I threw out a crapload of receipts tonight hoping to find gas receipts, and realized that I charge a lot. It's fine, I pay off my balance, but what the hell do I spend so much money on?! Based on the quantity of receipts, food and liquor. Seriously. Probably 95% of them were from Sobeys/Super Store, the liquor store, or some restaurant. In 2008 I start spending my money on better things, things that will last longer than the digestive cycle. Like my wonderful new, cheap fleece that I already love to bits and pieces and picture myself standing atop a mountain in - or at least a large hill. Hannah I went walking this moring/afternoon in Point Pleasant Park. It was such a nice (but non-typical winter) day out. I bet people thought I was all out-doorsy because I was wearing a lovely fleece and ankle pants rolled up. That are BROWN. Out-doorsy people wear brown, I bet. Because it matches the Earth so they don't stain as easily? I was also wearing sneakers. Clearly I must be some sort of professional hiker, trekker, mountain guide, or something. Or perhaps a sneaker salesperson.

Well, my "real" journal beckons me to take my stress-filled head and smatter it all over her pages in permanent ink. It's funny, I like writing in it, but I don't so much enjoy going back to read it. I like re-reading my old blog entries, perhaps because they record my happy times. Writing on paper records my emotional, probably more negative times. Or completely, immature, "OMG - a hot guy looked at me today! I have a crush on ___________! I like puppy dogs! Like, I can't believe that he totally looked down my shirt and blah blah blah blah blah." Very deep and meaningful. I hope someone finds it someday and comes to the conclusion that all twenty-some-year-old females are completely nuts, insecure, and clearly put on a fake front when pretending to have it all together when facing the public.

Adventure, much?

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Since no one as of late has been commenting; I must. Thank you very much for my B' Day present. It is actually going to be very useful. Sorry if at first I thought it a joke. love ya