Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ahh, I love the sunshine. I don't even care that I'm inside because eventually I will make the treck outdoors and it will be AMAZING. Hopefully the sun stays out in full force for tennis lessons this evening.

Tennis lessons. Let's discuss. I am still awful at tennis. Pathetically awful. It's very frustrating because I am not good at a single sport. It's almost getting to the point that I want to leave half-way during lessons because I'm so sick of hitting the ball into the net or out that I would rather leave Victoria Park and go take pictures or something somewhere. After Monday's lesson I had to go sit outside by myself for a good thirty minutes to calm down. Thirty minutes actually wasn't enough though, but Janielle called me in because she needed something. Next time I will bring my earplugs when I'm moping outside by myself.

I'm also the only one in class that throws her raquet. Nice.

I saw Harry Potter last night. To re-iterate what I told Candace afterwards, I lapped it up like a thirsty puppy. It had been quite awhie since I read the book so it was a good refresher. I also feel as though I must refresh on the sixth book since I will likely spend all day Sunday inhaling the seventh book. Which brings me to a dilema: do I take my time and savour every chapter or do I plough through the thing to avoid being spoiled by the media and random, overheard conversations in public? These are the problems I face daily.

In a magnificant turn of events, I think I found shoes to wear to Lynda's wedding! And even better, I actually quite like the shoes. They are Jen's signature Jesus shoes. Issue is, they *may* be a bit tight (heading back today for a second try-on) but I may be able to fix that. The heel is also rather high, so perhaps not overly practical of a long day on ones feet. However, no one will notice if I take my shoes off at the reception, right? And although I think it's kind of tacky, it's not uncommon for ladies in heels to remove their shoes at the dance.

The shoe thing was quite a dilema as I don't really like white shoes that much. They are so... starkly blinding. Also, weather pending, the wedding is outside and it may be a challenge to walk down the aisle with heels sinking into the ground every step.

And back to work.


jnelle said...

keep up with the lessons, try not to be so discouraged! i am currently taking hip hop dance lessons...i cannot dance a single beat to ANYTHING! but i'm learning to have fun with it, even though i'm the only one in class who can't do a scooby doo.

hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Inhale the book my dear J-Mac!! That's what I'll be doing...then we can discuss and go back and read it at a healthy pace...
Ahhh - Harry Potter...I'm a crushin'!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for taking all the good raquet sport genes distrubted among us...ahahaha.