Monday, April 02, 2007

• I is getting a bit distracted at work 1 today.
• Last night I wanted to go to House of Blues but I couldn’t because I wasn’t in Florida. Unlike my parents. They are in Florida, but not at hob. I don’t think it’s really their thing.
• I had to be at work 2 at 6:30am on Fri, Sat and Sun. WoW. Definitely not a morning person. I would sort of stand there confused with glazed-over eyes until someone would say something like, “Jennifer, could you get the juice bins ready?” and then I would proceed to slowly get the juice bins ready. I’m fine though once guests start arriving, especially if it’s busy. The running server bit wakes one up rather quickly.
• I’m so happy it’s April. March is associated with blowing snow, cold weather, and, well, winter. April is associated with spring and life returning to the Planet. (No, I do *not* over exaggerate.) Spring may *appear* to begin on March 21st, but it’s just a false start as evidenced by our random stormy weather last Thursday.
• If anyone is looking for a location to host/participate in a mud-wrestling match, our front yard should do the trick.
• I’m so excited that it’s 11:40 already. I think I prefer arriving at work closer to 9:00am rather than 8:00am. I’m just a little more… alert.
• I’m kind of an idiot and have terrible English. There are words for which I know the meaning, sort of, but cannot pronounce. I sound them out, but I usually sound them out with a foreign accent or something. I say them how a Spaniard would say them or something. Or more a Briton, since I am one deep on the inside. Somehow. I just *have* to be. Whoever decided the ‘a’ in hastening is pronounced as a long ‘a’ is a jerk. Hast (rhymes with cast) – en – ing. English is so far =( Conjure. The stress *should* be on the second syllable to give the word more strength as a verb thus making it more forceful.

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Shannon Courtney said...

Jen - you are a morning person in denial (recall Saturday mornings in Edinburgh when you were up and out the door before 9 am?!?!). You are also a night owl, which makes you slightly abnormal. But that's OK, I still heart ya :)