Saturday, November 26, 2005


I am TIRED, as per usual.

And lazy. Gah.

It's about 11.40 and I'm still bumming around in my pjs trying to decide what to do today. I have to go into work to get costumes but other than that I am freeeeee. Well, free to the restricted world of public transportation.

In bad news, my hearing aid is on the fritz and doesn't work. At all. Hmm. So sometimes when children talk to me I just smile and nod. It *seems* to work and I'm hoping I haven't somehow insulted some of them!

Happy two-days-late American Thanksgiving! Disney held a thanksgiving-dessert party for all the internationals and college program students on Tuesday evening. I was working too late and missed out on the pie, but got a couple of good squares, some cookies and delicious hot chocolate. On Thursday the restaurant where I work was doing a thanksgiving dinner for the (paying) guests. We got to eat the leftovers and they were sooooo good. Honestly, I think we are the number two restaurant in WDW (and apparently no. 3 or 4 in Florida?) for a very, very, VERY good reason. On Thursday night we went to PI. Honestly, there were soooo many people out! I figured it might be a bit slower due to the holiday but the bus we took there and home was absolutely packed.

On Friday morning I set my alarm somewhat early (8.30 - which is early when you went to bed at about 3.30!) and went to take in the "Black Friday" sales at the outlets across the street. Some stores had good sales, some had NO sales - including the store at which I really wanted to do some shopping! Between my shopping excursion, ($80, but that's not too bad as I bought a pair of boots since mine have needed to be replaced for, well, a bloody YEAR,) groceries ($50) and last night's entertainment ($15) I feel like I completely blew my paycheque. This week I made $180ish post-rent thus now have $35 remaining. Wow. Am I in service yet? I think I'll like the tips...

Last night I went to see Rent with a fellow food and wine alumni. The movie was mostly good, but I fell asleep anyway. At the cinema. I also fell asleep during Harry Potter last week. The movie was AMAZING, but seeing a show at 12.01am after five hours of sleep the night before and working all day pretty much did me in. And I think I only dozed off for a few minutes. I hope.

Anyway, I am off. I need to do something. I kind of feel like I wasted yesterday and wasn't too productive (although my new boots are quite a feet ;))

So today will be a Disney day as I know no one else off today (crap - why I miss Monday - Friday, 9-5) and do not have a car. I thought of going to downtown Orlando, but have the "must get costume" thing floating over my head. Ah well, maybe next week...


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